More Guitar Face – Epiphone Sheraton II Review

In this video, our special guest, Kelly Coughlin, also known as Kelster Von Shredster of Gear Gas & Guitars gives us a great demonstration of his new Epiphone Sheraton II, 2013 edition. Along the way, we get a great taste of his superb rock and blues guitar player. It is such a delight to hear him just cut loose and play his freewheeling, straight from the heart style of guitar playing.

The Sheraton II is a semi-hollow body, arch-top type of guitar. Semi-hollow means that there is a block of wood inside the body of the guitar, to cut down on feedback. Archtop means that the body is tapered upwards, kind of like a violon, giving it a unique profile and some unique structural and sound characteristics.

Kelster’s channel can be reached by clicking the following link: @KelsterVonShredster 

Along the way, we talk about the pedals on his pedalboard that he engineered specifically for his Fender Pro Reverb amplifier re-issue. Before filming, we tried his Sheraton II through his Marshall Plexi but for our purposes, the Fender amp sounded quite a bit better. On his pedalboard are the Exotic Effects compressor; J. Rocket Audio Designs Archer; The Dude effects pedal, also by J. Archer; the Jam Man looper by DigiTech; Strymon Flint Temelo/Reverb pedal; and last but not least, the One Spot Pro power conditioner, which can be an extremely important and integral part of any pedalboard set-up.

We also get treated to some Gibson Les Paul Custom Shop and Gibson SG demonstrations, as well as witnessing some of his awesome playing on his Jay Mascis Telecaster from Fender’s Artist Signature Series of guitars.

Epiphone is a brand of guitar that has been around for 140 years or so, and now forms part of the Gibson family of products. Some very famous guitarists have made Epiphone part of their arsenal, including, jazz legend George Van Eps, blues master John Lee Hooker, and none other than George Harrison, John Lennon, and The Edge. Not bad company to keep.

Learn more about Epiphone by visiting their website, just Google Epiphone guitars.

Epiphone is known as more of a budget friendly line of guitars but make some really good gear. Not only do they make excellent electric guitars, their acoustic guitars, especially their Masterbilt line, are some very fine instruments that should be considered by any serious guitarist.

As always, I hope you enjoy this video.

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