Guitar Mastery Part 3, Interview with Darren Michael Boyd

This is the third part of my interview with Darren Michael Boyd. In this video we talk about guitars and their influence on tone and playing. We also talk about Darren’s practice routines.

He also treats us to more of his masterful guitar playing on his Gibson Les Paul. It’s a mixture of blues, country, and shred metal, even though he tells us that he is not a shredder. Compared to most player, he definitely can shred.

We talk about Telecasters, Les Paul, and Ibanez. We touch on rock, country, and classical. We chat about greats such as Satriani, Vai, and Malmsteen, as well as Country greats, such as Gill and Paisley.

A link to the video is below:

A link to Part 1 of this interview is below.

A link to Part 2 of this interview is below.

One response to “Guitar Mastery Part 3, Interview with Darren Michael Boyd”

  1. I really enjoyed this particular series of interviews Frank..I hope you continue on doing more with good cats like Darren. (pardon the pun Darren “cats” haha).

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