Interview With a Guitar Shredder, Part 1

Cover photo credit, Sue Hebert,

This is the first part of a series of videos based on almost 2 hours of footage, following my interview with Ottawa-based guitar phenom, Darren Michael Boyd, on July 30, 2022. It was my first time meeting Darren and we ended up having a really pleasant conversation together. We covered a range of topics during our time together – the conversation just flowed naturally.

Darren is an excellent guitar player who plays a shredding style of rock guitar. He tells about his influences, such as Alice Cooper and KISS, and how they affected and helped develop his guitar playing. We also get a sense of his growth as a guitarist over the years.

Photo credit, Sue Hebert,, copied with permission from Darren’s website

He tells a little about his solo albums and his videos, as well as an overview of his excellent website.

We have a brief discussion of the music industry today and about music in general. We also expound on the difference between CD”s and downloads. We had a very pleasant chat and delved into quite a few subjects.

He also treats us to some of his outstanding guitar playing, using his Gibson Les Paul, played through an Orange head and Marshall 2 x 12 cabinet. What impressed me the most about his playing was his tone. There’s a growl to his playing, even thought the amplifier was not turned up very loud. There is common belief that you have to crank the amp to get that kind of edge to your sound, but he manages it to do it even at low volume and using very little effects. I especially liked his tapping, which is a style of playing that I have no clue how to do.

I truly believe you will very much enjoy this 15-minute video if you are into guitar playing. Leave a comment and subscribe to YouTube channel to receive notifications of any new videos.

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  1. It was real cool to see you guys get together for this. I was really looking forward to this one! Well done gentlemen! Like most talented musicians of his caliber, Darren is an unassuming and humble dude. A lion doesn’t need to roar to tell you he’s a lion, and neither does Darren! Looking forward to watching the next part.

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