Tech 21, Sans Amp YYZ, Geddy Lee Signature Edition Effects Pedal – Review

In this installment, I take a brief look at the Sans Amp YYZ by Tech 21. It’s a DI box but also a boost pedal. I use it for both.

I love my Markbass CMD102 P bass amp. 400 watts of wonderous bass power through 2 very capable 10″ speakers. But sometimes, I find the sound coming out of it a little too clean and a little too safe that I want to give it a boost. The Sans Amp YYZ does a great job of doing just that.

According to the booklet that comes with this pedal, “Tech 21’s proprietary, 100% analog circuitry gives your instrument a natural warmth and presence as if you were miking your instrument through a tube pre-amp.”

I agree 100% with this claim. As great as Markbass CMD102 P is, it does lack some of that tube amp warmth and presence, given that it’s entirley solid state. Adding my little YYZ stomp pedal brings out so much more of my beloved Fender P bass’s character.

The combination of my MIM Fender P bas, YYZ pedal, and Markbass CMD102P is killer. I just love the sound that I am able to deliver. I have – on a few occasions – knocked the pot lights out of my buddy’s basement ceiling, while jamming using this combo. It’s not just loud. It adds presence and personality.

An added benefit is that I can use it as a DI (direct input) box for recording. Sure I can plug my bass straight into my USB mixing board and record away, but the sound is so thin that it barely sounds like a bass. Adding the YYZ makes my sound pop and lets me sculpt the sound in so many different ways, that it lets me add real personality and uniqueness to my bass playing.

The handy little booklet that is included with the pedal gives you 9 sample setups that helps you try to mimic the tone of some very well-know bass players, including of course, Geddy Lee.

I should also mention that the Markbass also has an XLR line out feature, that I’ve used before as well to record and to play along to music through my board. I just find my pedal a lot more convenient to use. Maybe I should give plugging the pedal into the amp, then line out to the board from the Markbass a go and see how that sounds? A future video perhaps.

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