Learning the B Major Chord

In this lesson we set the bar higher and learn the B major chord, which will be for many novice players, your first attempt at a full barre chord. Learning to play barre chords will greatly further your playing ability and will add flare and style to your playing, especially when you start playing more advanced barre chords.

If you have been following the lessons at the In-Tune Guitar Academy, you will have learned the D, C, and G chords for our first look at the G major scale. We then moved onto the A major scale and looked at the A major, the D and E chords. Next, we looked at the A minor and E minor chords.

For our first taste of barre chords, we learned the F major chord, where we only barred two strings but it at least we got our feet wet. But now we get to try a full barre chord, where we have to barre five strings on the second fret and barre three strings on the fourth fret. First, we look at a more classical way of playing the B major where we don’t barre any strings but I find it an awkward of playing it and it doesn’t sound as nice to me.

In the video, I also delved into other Major barre chords along the fretboard. Thank you for visiting the In-Tune Guitar Academy.

A more classical pattern
B major barre chord

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