Listen to Your Vinyl Again With the NAD Electronics PP 2e Phono Preamp

Many of us have loads of vinyl records that we would love to listen to in the highest fidelity possible but not everyone of us have the budget for a high-end stereo system. NAD Electronics has released a budget-friendly that I recently purchased and the pleasure of trying out, the PP 2e Phone Preamp.

From the NAD Electronics website:

“The PP 2e Phono Preamplifier offers superb performance in a clean and simple package. Perfect for the budget-conscious audiophile, the PP 2e’s moving coil/moving magnet input selector provides different phono cartridge options. This allows the PP 2e to be paired with any turntable, giving consumers unlimited choice in building their system. The PP 2e’s Auto Power Down feature saves energy by automatically powering the PP 2e to OFF when not in use. Built to be the best companion to one’s turntable setup, the PP 2e breathes life back into the vinyl you love.”

NAD Electronics PP 2e web page.

One of my friends reviewed the following video a commented:

“Good job, my friend! Just one thing: the MM/MC switch is actually “Moving Magnet” or “Moving Coil”. Moving Coil is the more high fidelity, Moving Magnet is the budget one. Setting it to the right one will improve sound; try both and see.”

After releasing this video and receiving that comment, I thought I would give it a try. As I expected, my turntable is the lower end version so it needs to be set to MM for “Moving Magnet.” When I set it to MC, the sound came out very muddy and the output was actually worse than if I had no preamp in the connection between turntable and amplifier.

I’ve also come to realize that what I mentioned in the first video, about possibly connecting my CD player to the PP 2e, would not be a good idea. I won’t even try to.

The NAD Electronics website features a number very impressive amps and preamps. All are available at one of my favorite AV Equipment stores: Gibby’s Electronic Supermarket.

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