Kelster Von Shredster presents: Metropoulos Supa Boost, Clean Boost Pedal

George Metropoulos, world renowned designer and manufacturer of hand crafted amps and effects pedals. He is best known for recreating the Plexi tone in his amps and pedals. In this video, Kelster Von Shredster, presents and reviews the Metropoulos Supa Boost, clean boost guitar effects pedal.

According to, the Supa Boost is a hand-wired clean boost pedal that adds an extra gain stage to your amplifier. It adds up to 20 dB and gives it the coveted Plexi tone.

What is the Plexi tone? Honestly, I didn’t know either so I had to look it up. The best description comes form the people who brought the Plexi sound in the first place: Marshall Amplification. Here is a brief history of the Plexi.

Marshall amps are the definitive sound of rock and roll, endorsed, enjoyed, loved, used and abused by some of the biggest guitar stars in rock and roll history.

I hope you enjoy this video and as always, comments and critiques are always welcome because we here at the In-Tune Guitar Academy are always striving for improvement and your comments and suggestions move us along to that goal.

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