Kelster Von Shredster Reviews the Friedman Smallbox Pedal

Friedman Amplification is named for Dave Friedman, a man who has been making, modifying and repairing amps for many of the world’s most famous guitarists for more than two decades. He is behind the sound of many legendary rock guitarists. You can read more about his twenty-five year career and see all the fantastic amps and pedals his company makes at

Friedman amplifiers are renowned for their tone and versatility but they aren’t cheap. Far from it. Buying one is an investment into better tone but once you try one, you will be hooked and you will definitely not be disappointed. Not surprisingly, they are only available at a few exclusive higher end guitar stores. One of those stores is Sweetwater Music, which carries almost their entire line. You can also see very informative and entertaining videos featuring Dave Friedman himself being interviewed by one of Sweetwater’s outstanding staff members:

I played through a friend’s Friedman Dirty Shirley amp once and I was completely blown away. What a fantastic sound! Made all the hairs on my body stand on end. Just an exquisite tone and incredible volume of sound but never thin or screechy. Simply perfect rock and roll tone. That friend happened to be Kelster Von Shredster.

More recently, Friedman has released a series of effects pedals which incorporate that famous Friedman sound into a series of compact pedals. It will make any amp sound much better. The pedal featured in this article and accompanying video, is the Friedman Smallbox. It lets you go from “screaming high gain to a killer dirty boost…” Hard to explain but hearing is believing. This little thing packs a punch. I hope you enjoy the video and as always, comments are always welcome.

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  1. […] Kelster Von Shredster Reviews the Friedman Smallbox Pedal February 13, 2021 […]

  2. […] Kelster Von Shredster Reviews the Friedman Smallbox Pedal February 13, 2021 […]

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