Kelster Von Shredster Presents: VOX AC-15

The iconic VOX amplifiers, used by everyone from Queen, and The Beatles, to early versions of Black Sabbath, are entrenched as a part of rock and roll history. The AC15 and its big brother, AC30, have been around for decades. AC15 for 15 watt single speaker and AC30 for 30 watt dual speakers.

In this video, Kelster Von Shredster, gives a very detailed overview of the AC15C1 Custom with Celestion G12 Greenback 12″ speaker, a more consumer version (Made in China) as opposed to its boutique cousins, the AC15 Hand Wound and AC 15 All Tube Limited. Truth be told, its my amp but Kelster makes it sound better than I ever could.

It’s a great amp and I’ve been happy with it for years. I’ve gigged with it, recorded with it and jammed with it. Other than its tendency to sometimes overheat, it has never let me down. It is incredibly loud for its size and I simply love the classic rock chime it puts out.

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